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What is Contact Discovery? Is it just finding the right prospects for your target market or does it also have something to do with the kind of marketing you offer for your product? Well, that's been a debate for quite some time now. Contact discovery is so much more than just finding the right contacts for your company. As a product requires deep analysis of both internal and external criteria to be chosen, similarly, an organization is also required to analyze its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. Strengths and Weaknesses contribute to the internal environment of the organization that includes the daily functioning of the employees. Opportunities and threats contribute to the external environment of the organization that includes how the organization will attract potential customers to the products. It seems rather easy but is much more complicated than one can think of.

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Contact Discovery is one of the ways in which both potential customers and existent customers are contacted and lead to the appeal of the brand. Since we have already discussed about how products can be a physical commodity, service, idea, place, person or even an organization, contact discoveries are varied based on the same. For instance, you cannot call a neurologist if you microwave has stopped working you need to have the right contacts of the electrician or the service in charge from the company that the microwave belongs to. It's simple to understand but requires a lot of ground level work. Therefore it is necessary to identify the right contacts that are responsible for taking these certain decisions. On one hand where contact discovery is all about finding the right amount of possibility of future success for your product and target audience, while on the other, it is also about the means you choose to market it. Marketing doesn't only stop at advertising your particular product through various mediums, but also what the USP of your product is really.

At the end of the day, the only goal of an organization is to sell their products and increase the ROI on their investment. ROI is Return on Investment which basically is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or to compare the efficiency of a number of different investments. However, the only way to increase the ROI of an investment in the organization is by correct contact discovery. In simpler words, why will you contact a vegetable vendor if there's something wrong with your gas stove? The simple solution is to contact the service department of the electronic company where your gas stove has been purchased from. Similarly, creating the right amount of contacts for a brighter and better future is always necessary in a business and discovering potential contacts on the way to success may add more attainment of victory for the organization by the end of the day. However, with just a good marketing team, a company may not run successfully, every department in the organization is required to run, work and develop equally well in order to keep the organization a daily success.

Contact Discoveries may not only include contacting other various organizations in your markets or rather competitors, but also references to help your organization flourish. For instance, a counselor may require the contacts of various hospitals and hospitality sectors like old age homes or orphanages, this may help the counselor to not only do her job better by referring her patients to the right doctors in charge, but also increase the loyalty of her clients. However, the customer/client still has a choice, whether to consult the referred doctors or not. In several cases, they choose not to, due to various personal and social issues, but at times, they do. So, at the end of the day it's win-win for both the counselor and the client because the counselor has done her job and the client still has the benefit of choice. This however may not work for most industries, but for every organization, a good, loyal, right and necessary contact list s definitely required.

One of the most important aspects in Creative Brief that has to be kept in mind while approaching the client is discovering new information. Whether your company is 50 years old or 3 years old, it is most important to continue to discover new information coming one's way. These may include threats by other organizations, rising costs, opportunities for the organization, etc. Having a good research team in this case really does help an organization to flourish and be updated with the current occurrences of the market. Therefore, Contact Discoveries are most important when it comes to being updated and this precisely helps you to be updated and aware of the market.