About Us

MeritZeal brings to you the most advanced and state-of-the-art data intelligence and premium data-driven services. Most enterprises today are seeking assistance in running their businesses smoothly and MeritZeal understands all your requirements to make good business happen. We offer you the best customer-centric consultancy and solutions that help you increase your ROI with a short span. MeritZeal's advanced practices guarantee you business safety as well as full swing growth.

MeritZeal's data specialists, with years of experience, have helped companies run successful end-to-end data solutions. Therefore the company is a brain child of several intellects coming together to create a common goal that is to run winning businesses. MeritZeal not only caters to technological firms but also to clients from various markets and verticals.

As we have the know-how of the technological front, we offer you the latest business models through online platforms, research, and excellent data tactics. We cater to B2B largely with exceptional data driven services. Our business intelligence tool allows you to make the most of smart online data strategies with positive data-driven insights and market reports.

By using MeritZeal's over-the-top IT-integrated strategies, data related solutions, and extended Data-Driven Marketing services, you are sure to obtain your business goals right on time.

Company Vision

MeritZeal makes its data solutions available to several businesses and understands the importance of customer satisfaction and building prospects. This is why we are all about helping you take the simple steps to fetch the right associates and customers. MeritZeal provides custom-made, data-driven solutions to heighten business development, thereby making a positive outlook of self for the rest of the market.


MeritZeal has expertise to bring you the best sales leads, data appending services, application growth and online marketing solutions. With our comprehensive knowledge in direct, email and search engine marketing we provide you with the best and latest prospects to help your business growth take a high. We transform each file in a profit hub through various administrative platforms. We structure out the best selling campaigns through cost effective computer services.

Our team of experts have the understanding of building complex business systems with progressive business schemes. We organize huge amount of data and deal with data transactions that provide you with innovative and robust software results.

MeritZeal is one among the top providers of leading technology for Database organizing and Database Marketing Services. Our patented services like that of list management and list building strategies support businesses with great customer growth for global companies. Through our proficient technology listings and database management, we help clients acquire and preserve meaningful consumers. We also help you widen your business in the niche market by providing information for high performance based marketing. We acquire this data through detailed research that is accurate and fresh so that our clients excel in their business field.


MeritZeal works with firms that range from small enterprises to Fortune 500 corporations to craft marketing formulas that suit businesses right. We commit ourselves to yield performance enhancing data that give you added competitive benefits, driving better sales results and keeping satisfied.

What we offer

We offer you preeminent responsive mailing lists that are tailored according to your needs and specifications, which allow you to reach out to the right potential clients at the right time. MeritZeal understands dynamics of your marketing strategy and we work towards enhancing your customer relations on the basis of that.

At MeritZeal, our highly-skilled experts and professionals will enable you to connect with all the key decision makers from the tech-driven world to assist you in reaching the best marketing campaign. If your plan includes diving into a new market, you need to be certain of your path to get the best profits. For that you need a perfect marketing solutions partner who can read your problems. MeritZeal is that partner that knows who will be your best customers and what will drive sales.


Some of our prime features include
• Fetching you clients through a secure and convincing database with prevalent records
• Managing data in house
• Updating database regularly to maintain fresh and accurate records
• Verifying lists thoroughly with automated and manual processes
• Helping you adopt a multi channel technique with details like contact name, mailing address, phone number and further additional data
• Appending important content to your database to make you available to the rest of the market
• Eliminate incorrect information and swap it with updated and latest figures

MeritZeal is an expert in data appending services like email appending, data cleansing and NCOA. Our firm recognizes the value of good marketing and high performance sales, so all you have to do is reach out to us and see your business grow better.