Account Profiling

Let's begin with a simple question first, would you allow a random stranger to drive you home at night if he offered to help? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't. Well, you would probably be optimistic about it if he had a good car and looked decent or spoke good grammar. But, otherwise, if he looked merely like a potential kidnapper, it's obvious that you wouldn't allow him to drive you home. Similarly, Account Profiling is a little too similar to this. If your potential client is interested in let's say, gadgets, you wouldn't sell her clothes now, will you? It's simple. All an organization is required to do is understand and build a profile of their potential candidates based on what they are looking for, from the organization.

Win Sales Strategy with Account Profiling

Reach a decision maker who has authority to buy your product.

Up-to-date account information

Insights to help you close the sale

Possibilities for up-selling and cross-selling that promise to boost your sale

Basically, an account profile describes a person with access to your account, such as the site owner, administrator or Webmaster. Just as you have a Facebook profile, or for that matter, a profile on whatsoever Social Media website, the only abstract it speaks of is about the user. Similarly, creating an account profile creates an idea of how your potential candidate is surviving with respect to your market, brand or product. For an advertising agency, creating a Creative Brief when approaching the client is the most important because those certain questions help in creating a profile or forming an idea of what the organization is all about and how their product can be marketed better. This also helps in carving the organization's previous mistakes and learning from them to make advertisements better in the future.

Account Profiling is one of the basic and the first method to marketing for a client. For instance, an organization cannot understand the requirements of a client without core research. Research can be done in two simple ways- Primary and Secondary. Primary Research is first hand research or research that is done through observation and investigation. Secondary Research is referring to other data in order to come to a conclusion about a particular issue. This helps in marking out the demands of the existing consumers and the potential targeted consumers. However, if research isn't done well, the whole concept and process of creating a profile of the customers is failed. Hence, research is most important in such cases.

Creating a profile may not only be useful for clients but also for the employees in the organization. As the organization runs successfully with the help of both the employees and clients, it is important to maintain a track record of both. This may not only b helpful in the future but also ideate constructive opinion on the same. Keeping a track record, or in this case, account profile of each employee, it may help the organization to make clearer future decisions that may prove to be better for the company. For instance, a diabetic patient is required to maintain a tab of their sugar level and note it down every month after regular blood tests. This helps the doctor to easily judge the current condition of the diabetic patient and helps both the doctor and the patient to generate simpler decisions that may only bring safe and risk-free decisions for the future. However, it also helps the doctor to decide whether there is change of medication for the patient.

Account Profiling is rather simple when it comes to existent clients because it's just like adding more experience to a Resume. But, on the other hand, it also encourages and influences the working of the organization toward that particular client. Account profiling bridges the gap between the understanding of the other party and providing useful information to them, for the same. As mentioned earlier, it is rather important to understand the requirements of the client before you establish a relationship of help with them and account profiling does precisely the same. Now sometimes, account profiling may seem very rarely linked to marketing, but it is important to know who your client is and what they require before marketing your product to them. For instance, if I have a fever, I wouldn't take a tablet that I've never heard of but I would rather take the one that I have always been taking when a fever strikes me. Similarly, brand loyalty in this case is extremely necessary and hence a good marketing strategy adds on to the success that is needed.

At the end of the day, the organization wants trustworthy clients and employees, basically people that would look up to them and share the same relationship based on the exchange value of the product. So, it is more fundamental when spoken about the kind of loyalty and trust created within and outside the organization. Therefore, creating an account profile is always there to help, build, develop and succeed.