Demand Generation

Demand generation is another process of attracting targeted customers towards the business by bringing awareness of the new product and generating demand and interest of the product and their services. Facilitate discovery of the brand to potential customers.

Inbound Marketing



Social Media

Email Marketing

Outbound marketing

Direct Mail

TV/radio Advertisements


Trade Events


PLAN - Before you start using demand generating process, you need to first identify your lead and what will you do with them to earn profit and increasing the sales. Finding solutions for these questions will lead to perfect planning.

Who and what are your target customers and strategies?

What do they care about? Which are they interested in?

Where can we find them?

Who or what influences and motivates the customers?

How can you engage them and make them to buy the products or services?

DRIVE DEMAND – you need to figure out how to generate demand for the product and make the best use of it. One of the best and simpler way to advertise it on social media. Demand generation creates awareness to the customers at initial levels.

It drives demand using both inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Content is the foundation of demand generation.

What Type of Content do Customers Prefer?

Industry target valuable information

Job function targeted

The size of the company is targeted

The area or geographically content is targeted

Company specific information

Target on education, brand awareness

Keywords are likely broader in nature

Associate your product with some other brand product or the service if required

Optimize thought leadership content

Even here, some of the solutions are to be made for the questions to make the successful content for the company

In what format does the information will fit the best in?

In what format the channel fit the best in?

How can one convey the best leadership provided?

In what format is the Best way to target the potential customer?


Thus from the above information and factors we come to know that even outbound marketing plays a lot of role in the development of the business and publicity and increasing the sales. Hence, to make marketing strategy to succeed one should consider inbound as well as outbound marketing.


It usually depends on the methods and techniques used for measuring the efficiency of the plans and the campaigns held.

One should calculate the amount of clicks generated due to demand generation process and act according to it.

Principals used for Demand Generation

Branding + Lead Generation = Demand Generation


It all starts with knowing and understanding the need of the targeted customers and motivating them. You should know you audience very well and get into their mind and their world. Also try to involve customers into it.


The more valuable information you give, customers will get more impressed. Even if you share directly or indirectly with them. Flowchart and keywords plays a vital role to give a quick impression on the customer.
Use of spreadsheets should be avoided so that the customer doesn't feel complicated in understanding the structure

What data should report a demand generation strategy?

We know that demand generation is completely based on a data-driven strategy. We should choose the themes and marketing channels in such a way that the customers will fall in love with it and should make sure that you are targeting the right customers with a minimum of offers possible.

To get the victory of the demand generation, the marketing team is required of the clear personalization strategy. Data, contents, quantitative analysis, quantitative analysis and continuous testing is required for this process. As this trends emerge one can acquire the key matrices. There should be no bugs in that data presented so that the customers feels disappointed and quits the page.

Process of Demand Generation


It should be in such a way that there is possibility of marketing audience. Data quality should be high. Nurturing strategy should be used for more efficiency.


High propensity contacts should be maintained and should be focused on segmentation of the data


Integrated 360 degree sales market should be in force and there should be a map in the sales

Program Execution

Marketing automation strategies should be used so that the customer will not lose interest on the product or service

Results and Reporting

should understand the market profile and source and it should be critically handled

Feedback insights

constant review and modifications should be made. The feedback tool should be provided and there should be testing and changes should be made frequently

In conclusion, we should remember to keep things simple. The marketers need to be thoughtful and aim on our goals. Keep chasing competitors', programs, events, campaigns and strategies. Keeping one eye on data and the other on trends and techniques prevailing in that media which will help you stay on target.