Email Marketing

As we ascend into an era of smart-phones and instant communication it becomes necessary to convey information swiftly. Emails provide a reliable platform for companies to sell their products to customers. It plays a pivotal role in a company's marketing because of the advantages it provides. A medium of low cost since there is no need to spend money on printing or postage also eliminates money to be spent as a fee for billboard signs. It provides a means of concentrating on the selected group of people interested in the product that is the people who have signed up to receive them. The grasp of email is large, it could reach customers thousands of miles away. The time required for the message to reach the customer is almost instantaneous. It is also easy for the customers to share the messages with each other. Emails provide a more suave and sophisticated approach to market a product when compared to social media.

Why Email Campaign is Important

Increase website traffic

Boost sales

Generate leads

Build brand awareness

Strengthen customer relationships

The mails sent can be coupled with services such as tracking for customers to obtain an update on the status of their product. It is also advantageous for the company since it encourages the user to buy the products at the instant they view it, increasing their revenue. It is also very easy to segregate the mails to be sent to different kinds of people, people from different geographical locations. It also provides a personal and a generic touch since it does not require the message to be common for everyone. Most importantly though a humble step, it would in the long run be substantive of being an eco-friendly method of communication since it would reduce the amount of trees that are brought down for printing paper.

On the other hand just as any system suffers from flaws, emails are of no exception. The emails sent by most companies land up in the spam folder of the users. The company also runs the jeopardy of being reported as abusive or spam, and if the host complies then the website could be shut off. Emails could possibly not reach the customers due to the spam filters if the emails contain words such as 'free' or 'discount'. The designs have to be tested on various resolutions to ensure it works for customers having different configurations. People could unsubscribe if they find that the content is no more interesting and has turned out to be humdrum. The emails sent have to be precise and brief information regarding the product, if there is too much of litany, it could easily be ignored by the user. If the emails contain images it could be very hard for it to reach the intended audience most email services have measures to prevent images from being shown unless the user explicitly allows it. Hence it is the judicious use of the pros and cons of email marketing that could lead to successful marketing of the product.