Inbound Marketing

Creating quality content is rather simpler than that of really putting in the efforts to reach out to your target audience. Inbound marketing does precisely that. It leads your target audience to be appealed with your quality content. In the world of Media and Advertising, where different mediums have been analyzed to convey a particular message of your product, inbound marketing plays an extremely important role and is one of the primary marketing strategies for any brand. As mentioned earlier, writing or developing quality content is much simpler than marketing it and letting people know what your brand is all about. For instance, having an appropriate and timeless logo for a brand could make all the difference in attracting people to your market. The Inbound Marketing team is like the PR agency of a company, where you just need to mention your ideas and issues and the PR team will get right at it and make sure your product sells. However, just as customers today have a large choice between the different varieties of products in almost every market, the producers experience perfect competition.

Why Inbound Marketing?

Getting found online

Converting visitors & leads

Analyzing and improving

Publishing a particular advertisement poster at a peculiar time and place in a city could also make all the difference. For instance, if the 'Shopper's Stop End of Season Sale' billboard was to be published after the Sale is over, then Shopper's Stop would lose numerous customers and it's sales would go crumbling down. Also, if the 'Shopper's Stop End of Season Sale' billboard was to be published somewhere near a village or Rural India, it would almost be impossible for them to get a large number of customers. This is important when it comes to marketing strategies. However, on the other hand, if the same hoarding was to be published inside the city on a busy street, Shopper's Stop could make much more money. That's the mere difference of placing a simple hoarding to advertise. But, designing a hoarding or a poster is a very different issue in itself because the various factors that matter are the font, image, color, size, etc.

Platforms of using the Media also play a humongous role in Inbound Marketing because at the end of the day, be it whatsoever, the company wants to gain sales and customers. Some advertisements on Radio of a particular brand might not be appropriate on the Television, and vice versa. For instance, the Amul milk advertisement on Television might be inappropriate for a print ad solely because the television ad narrates a story and portrays transitions within the ad including various target audiences and instances of using the product. However, if that were to be used as a print ad, the audience wouldn't be intrigued by it due to the absence of a storyline. Therefore, choosing platforms for an advertisement also plays a huge role in marketing and attracting more people to the brand.

Inbound marketing although, isn't just about attracting people to your brand, it's also about making quality advertisements with respect to time, place and most importantly, content. In today's world of advertising, everything is all about 'doctor's recommendation'. Be it a mere washing powder or a toothpaste, everything is all about scientific proof. There are a million products that exist in the world of advertisements, but the main objective of inbound marketing is to find out what sets a particular product apart and use that in favor of the public. Since, everyone is all about how white/fair skin is superior in many ways to comparatively darker skin in this country, 'Fair and Lovely' is making quite a success in its campaigns. Yami Gautam, the face of 'Fair and Lovely' has progressively gotten whiter and whiter in every ad she comes in. Probably the next ad, she'd just be a tube light. Even though it sounds funny and ridiculous, their brand has been able to bring millions in our country to believe that fair skin is better and superior than relatively darker skin.

Inbound marketing, as intelligent as it sounds, also plays an immense role on the perception of a viewer. Taking surveys on the feedback given by your customers also helps in increasing your brand loyalty in the market and using that very thing in the favor of your customers assists in drawing more and more customers. There are a million ways of marketing and getting people to be involved in your product, but over the years the people have forgotten to be sensitive about the same. When spoken to the PR Agent of 'Fair and Lovely' in an interview, he said "If you give me a product, I will sell it. If you give me 'Black and Lovely', I will sell that too. My job is to only sell the product and attract more customers". So, at the end of the day when it's all about selling your product, maybe you should take a time out and think deeper about inbound marketing, morally and ethically.