Lead Nurturing

Have you ever thought how can you stay in touch with customers who are already ready to purchase your products and how can you provide them with the information? Or perhaps, if they need to make a decision to do business with your company without spending their valuable time???

The answer is lead nurturing. Lead nurturing keeps customers to keep in-touch with their customers in these aspects. It is nothing but a process of giving information to their customers and build a nurture relationship with them for a long term purpose. It will be helpful to covert "would-be" customers into permanent ones which helps in the growth of the business and target the profits.

Benefits of Lead Nurturing

Establishing and growing firm contact with the customers immediately

Maintain and increasing the engagement and involvement with the customers

Build thought leadership to increase the sales

Automate nurturing through sales cycle

Maintain consistent communication with the regular customers

To encourage new generation lead

To find cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

To find segmentation opportunities

Improving the relation between sales and marketing, thanks to the better lead qualification and shared information

Decreasing the cost of sales (Up to 10%)

Lead nurturing campaigns

Lead nurturing campaigns is a form of email marketing where emails are sent to lists of your leads based on personal interest in specific products. Each campaign consists of several emails sent out automatically at each period of time that will be to your average of the sales cycle. Each email presents a new opportunity to download or view a new piece of information – the next step is to move down the sales tunnel toward becoming a customer. Each lead nurturing campaign can be hitched directly with conversions from demand generation campaigns

Some of the benefits of these campaigns are

Generating warm sales ready leads

Better response to campaigns

Ability to segment prospect leads

Higher acceptance from lead sales

Lower cost of qualified leads

The 4 "P"s of Lead Nurturing

1. Permission Marketing: First you need the permission of the customers if they are ready to receive the mails from you. This is the first stage where in customers who is interested to know about your product or service.
2. Preferences: This is where you calculate what type of your prospect wants from you, how often, and in what format and what kind it expects from you. You offer them useful information, content, details of new products and news that's regarding to their interests. This can include white papers, online demos, newsletters, E-mails, SEO's, webinars and in-depth needs assessments. But should make sure that it should be according to the customer's choice.
3. Personal: Email is a fine way to stay top-of-mind with prospects as long as you follow up with emails or phone calls from agents who are trained to ask you questions and to listen more than they talk. This leads us the development of the nurture relationship with the customers.
4. Pulling. This stage is to attract the customers towards the business and motivate them in such a way that they will be "permanent customers" which indirectly helps in the increasing the sales promotion.

Practices to be followed by lead nurturing


Analysis of the buying process and the buying cycle of the market segments and buyer personals and make a research to collect all the information about it.

Set goals

One should have target and aim on it and work for it. Development of overall and personal messaging strategies and content plans are very important the set up the overall performance of the company.

Write emails

As told earlier should follow all P's and influence the customers. Construction of campaigns including list management, initiating processing and building management and HTML emails, form creating, landing page creating, CRM process, and reporting will lead to higher promotion of the business.


One should choose the right form of the techniques used and should modify the data or the structure of practice if the business doesn't work out the way it should. Look for a program that can easily import leads from all sources and not a complicated one.


Highly effective nurture methodology will help you build compelling, effective, accurate, integrated campaigns that are up and running quickly and smoothly — moving your prospects properly and systematically through each and every stage of the buying cycle. At the last, you can measure the number of sales happening because of the method used.


The Lead Master system addresses both functions that are sales and marketing. And also, it helps sales teams to be in hold of the prospects that so regular so that it won't get lost between marketing and sales. But those are the ones we need to take care or nurture are the ones window shopping for a future purchase who will be our future customers. The process finals with an agreed upon rules for handing off qualified leads to sales which helps in the promotion of the marketing sales.