Outbound Marketing

Okay, let's accept the fact that internet marketing is more attractive, efficient and definitely worth looking and investing money and time on it. But if you think the old school of marketing that is out-bound marketing is dead, then you are definitely wrong.

Outbound marketing is one of the traditional and oldest form of marketing where in the company will initiate to pass on the information of their product or service to the customer with the natural search engine marketing efforts. Whether the content is published in the newspaper or if it is telecasted in the television, or by cold calling, it is still regarded as one of the most efficient way of marketing by the industrial professionals. It is most efficient on the older customers because they are comfortable with watching TV's or listening to radios or by reading newspapers and most of them are not aware of using the internet facility in the older generation. So, this leaves an impact on them to buy the product or service.

It also helps in business-to-business marketing or higher-end product deals, where sometimes the customer would ultimately like to seek with the personal interest in meeting the manufacturer or service provider or trade events.

Types of Outbound Marketing

TV ads

Radio Advertisements



Window Displays

Email Marketing

Trade Shows

Sky Writing

Newspaper Advertising

Sandwich Boards

Direct Mail (brochures, postcards, catalogues)

Branded Marketing (newsletters, key chains, pens, even flash drives)

Factors influencing Outbound Marketing

Market variations and strategies

Since there are huge numbers of markets, there should be different strategies used and different campaigns should be held for different market structures.

New product development

If there are any new products introduced in the market, it requires more effort to explain about the products and its functions and persuasions.


One should consider the budget of the advertisements of the company and act according to it. It should act within its limit and work with the lot of efforts to complete within that budget.

Market accessories

The channels and promotions of the distributions should be expanded more to reach out to the customers.


If there are number of competitors prevailing in the market then more efforts should be made in the promotion of the company.

Communication is one-way

as there is only one way communication marketer has to make sure that the attractiveness and the efficiency of the add is very much and to the extent of informing the customer fully about the product so that the customers should not remain of any doubts.

Activities to be followed by Outbound Marketer


Marketer has to do planning and manage overall strategy and specific campaigns required for the business to be processed smoothly and efficiently.


Creation of physical and electronic materials, including advertisement designs, copywriting and the layout design has to be prepared to be presented in the types of outbound strategies.


Managing relationships with the media, which includes providing the press with articles and answering queries from them and giving whole lot of information.


Organizing events for the specific customer presentations, conducting events, conferences and stands at trade shows to develop more publicity.


Assessment and reporting on the succession of campaigns and products in the marketplace. If it's not successful then changing the plan of the campaign.


Marinating the relationships and interactions with the partners of the business, including key customers, channel distributors, sales people, retailers and other intermediaries involving.

Blocking techniques

Increasing blocking techniques will help to avoid unwanted calls and frauds and fake calls to the marketer (Do not call list, blocking numbers, Spam filter, etc.)

Outbound Marketing Assistants

Outbound Marketing Assistants make the first impression on the customers and make personal "first contact" with required customers, through cold-calling, direct emails, and other direct means, and even sales and marketing event and outdoor publicity.

What do they do?


First the marketer has to get in contact with the customers and tell them all the information regarding their product and get the feedback of the people what they think about it or the feedback of the service which will be provided to the customers and collect opinions.


They should send frequent emails to the interested and potential customers and should develop a customer relationship with loyalty. These messages should generally include something that should have a specific customer response—a link to your website, a phone number to contact, or a physical address from which someone can obtain more information or use your product or service


Develop lists of information from print and online directories and create general reports on sales activity through telephone contacts and calling them and through making appointments.


Represents the particular business at events such as public advertisements, trade shows and technical briefings; also help with the planning of sales exhibitions, education purpose, and training conferences.


Thus from the above information and factors we come to know that even outbound marketing plays a lot of role in the development of the business and publicity and increasing the sales. Hence, to make marketing strategy to succeed one should consider inbound as well as outbound marketing.