Socialmedia Marketing

As the self explanatory term suggests social media marketing is marketing done through social media. For example Medias like facebook ,Whatsapp twitter allow people to express and share their views, thoughts and opinions. What one opines on an article or a product is of greater essence as it spreads the word of mouth that assures people as it is said by somebody they believe in and not by the producer himself on the particular product that helps in better marketing for a better opined product. This explanation leads us to define social media marketing as the process to gain attention through social media.

Advantages of Using Social Media

Brand promotions and visibility

Reach millions of people all around the world

Attract new customers

Ability to target particular groups

Stronger relationships with existing customers

The key-stone of social media marketing is to create attractive contents that draws the attention of readers and makes them share it with their friends and relatives.

Some social media are limited in contents and some allow a wide variety of data among them. The user is at liberty to choose up any media he likes. But in this growing world people are so stressed out they rely on one or the other media right from communicating necessary matters to hanging out on some chats and sharing many personal interests. The word of mouth is the strongest marketing of all. But to achieve it the product has to be of the dearest in terms of likes. Today the world is wired leading to the network of people connected to each other from the remotest places of the extreme worlds. This kind of spread of word of mouth using the electronic media takes the marketing from local to international levels.

The efforts of Social media marketing programs focus usually to create content that attracts attention of the user or reader and encourages them to share it across their personal levels. There are websites that allow interaction between people that gradually build relations These kind of an interaction on a products quality costs etc., makes people more comfortable than to some marketing or advertising as these interactions are viewed as personal level rather than marketing.

The previous oral interactions are now replaced by these social; medias strongly as one follows or is followed by the other and the mutual interaction helps in reaching more people and hence promoting the market. As the information about the product is available there and is getting repeated, bringing in more traffic to the product/company. A vast amount of information is also included in Social networking sites regarding the prospects of products and services which may interest their clients

Marketers can detect buying traffic using content that has been shared, questions posed online through semantic Analysis Technology.These kind of data helps in setting goals and targets for sales people. Companies have to develop a marketing model to integrate Social Networks within their marketing strategies, A marketing model based on Social Networks includes Selecting potential Social Networks; Defining of a financial plan; organizational structures; Selecting target; Product promotion and measure of performance.

Nearly 80% of businesses today use Social Networking; business retailers are getting more than 100% increase in their revenues with the help of social media marketing.

There are two basic strategies for engaging the social media as marketing tools:

The Passive Approach

Social media for market is a useful source of information as individuals share their recommendations and reviews of the products, services, and brands, and. Businesses will be able tap the customer voice generated in social media for marketing purposes; this makes social media an economical source of market intelligence that marketers use to track the problems in their market and enhance their market opportunities making it an extremely useful in a highly dynamic market structure in which is persisting now.

The Active Approach

Social media can also be used as a public relations and direct marketing tool as well as communication channels to target specific audience with social media influencers and as customer engagement tool. Using customer influencers is a very efficient and cost-effective method to launch new products or services. Present Indian Prime Minister Modi employed social media platform to reach out to the young and urban population of India which is estimated to be 200 million. His appeal was further strengthened at Madison square garden.

Social Media Marketing Ethics

The same code of ethics that traditional marketing is affiliated with is applicable to social media as well, But then since social media is comparatively more personal and international, there are many complications and challenges that chas to be faced with being ethical online. With social media, the marketer can clearly understand what their clients/consumers wants and needs and get a clear idea of what they like to hear from advertisers. In general the concept of ethical marketing on social network sites is to be honest with the campaigning intentions, avoiding false advertising, and to be aware privacy conditions of user, respect the person's dignity in the shared online community. Websites like Facebook and MySpace are used by most social network marketers use to try to drive traffic to another website. Though it is ethical to use social networking websites for spreading a message to genuinely interested people, auto-friend adding programs and spam messages and bulletins are used to game by many people. However Social networking websites are becoming increasingly wise and are effectively weeding out and banning offenders.