A title is an abstract concept that shows one or more individuals own the property listed on the face ofthe title. State laws vary about exact procedures for effectively recording title to property,. Before youpurchase a property, confirm that the seller holds valid title to the property. A title insurance companywill search the property's title index for you for a fee, or you can visit a county recorder's office andsearch the title index.

What Title Search Services we do

• Current Owner Search.

•Two Owner Search.

• Full Search.

• Update Search.

• Deed Search.

• Open Mortgage Search.

• Tax Status for the property.

Current Owner Search:

Deed and ownership information
All open recorded Mortgage/Deed of Trust
All the related documents of Mortgage/Deed of Trust like assignments, modifications andsubordinations etc
Property tax informationAssessed
valuationby the tax assessor’s office
Assessment of liens &judgments against the owner/property that are recorded in land records.Legal description

Two Owner Search:

A search that goes back to the two FVD and each deed in the chain that was recorded since the FVDmust be reviewed to verify that the title passes to the current owner and two owners of record.

Full Search:

Detailed full Title search on Current and Previous owners.The search should include all names in the chain of title and should report liens and judgments for allowners, current and past. The names must be run for general liens, such as judgments and federal taxliens, for the full statutory period applicable for the state.
In addition, all defects, liens, and encumbrances specifically referred to in the documents revealed inthe search must be reported as exceptions, unless properly disposed of.Includes searches related to property lien, easements, CC&R-covenants, conditions and restrictions,agreements, and resolutions and ordinances that affect real property.

Update Search:

We provide service an update search on the subject property from the date of the last search to thecurrent date.
The report is provided on all the documents posted and recorded during the period.

Deed Search:

To Check the Full Value Deed to Start the Search, and to provide Chain of Title.

Mortgage & Deed of Trust:

To Check Open Mortgages / Deed of Trust which is related to given property, and Additional Documentwhich include Assignment, Modification, Subordination, Substitution of Trustee, and upload the searchdocs in the file.

Tax Status for the property:

We provide comprehensive solutions on real estate Tax information for insured and uninsured productswith a widespread coverage in the United States and quick turn times.
We are working on Netronline Application for free statesoffers the lowest cost With in TAT as per the client Requriment we provide best Service in comparison to local title agenciesin the most efficient way.

Commitment Typing

1.Document review and typing.

2.Commitment preparation.

3.Document retrieval.

4.Document preparation, scanning, and quality review

Document review and typing

Report preparation, including Owners and Encumbrance, Foreclosure, Legal/Vesting, tax, lien,judgments, etc., Experienced staff reviews abstractor notes and attached documents to verify thechain of title, name and legal description consistency, and document legibility. Problems are escalatedto the abstractor for correction. Data is accurately typed via online systems, XML, or proprietaryformats. TAT in 2 hours or less.

Commitment preparation

Complete review and capture of needed data for commitments restrictions, tax status, encumbrances,easements, are completed for the commitment report.

Document retrieval

Online search for new recorded

documents, releases, assignments, tax payments, etc., to support yourabstract and review. Confirm document recording or monitor updates, including tax payments.

Document preparation, scanning, and quality review

Correct out of sequence file numbers, missing pages, illegible or damaged images. Stapling all pagesfor the document or linking for full document and related document retrieval.